Bilge Tunga is ready to launch – Tunga Soft

Bilge Tunga is ready to launch

We are excited to welcome you on this journey as we open up the world of Bilge Tunga.From the beginning of our foundation we have developed the game of Bilge Tunga and now it is on board. Either on Google Play Store or App Store.

The survival of the dehydrated animals depends on reaching the Bilge Tunga. This journey starting in the forest will end at the Poles. Raise your ranking by competing with other players around the World simultaneously with the characters you have in the Competition Mode and become champion.


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Tunga Soft Co. offers 5% of its shares to you, the investors, with an investment tour launched on the platform.Bilge Tunga, the Educational Online Mobile Platform game designed to develop children's numerical, mathematical and geometric thinking skills, also introduces you to their abilities.

Tunga Soft A.Ş. paylarının %5 'ini platformunda çıktığı yatırım turu ile siz yatırımcılara sunuyor. Çocukların sayısal, matematiksel ve geometrik düşünme becerilerini geliştirmek için tasarlanmış Eğitici Online Mobil Platform oyunu Bilge Tunga ile de size yeteneklerini tanıtıyor.