Collaboration with Yodo1 Company – Tunga Soft

Collaboration with Yodo1 Company

We are excited to announce that we made our first and siginificant collaboration with a game company that is very popular especially in China. By this collabration we will use MAS SDK in order to increase our ads revenue. We also have a chance to get any support about marketing and ads strategy.

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Tunga Soft Co. offers 5% of its shares to you, the investors, with an investment tour launched on the platform.Bilge Tunga, the Educational Online Mobile Platform game designed to develop children's numerical, mathematical and geometric thinking skills, also introduces you to their abilities.

Tunga Soft A.Ş. paylarının %5 'ini platformunda çıktığı yatırım turu ile siz yatırımcılara sunuyor. Çocukların sayısal, matematiksel ve geometrik düşünme becerilerini geliştirmek için tasarlanmış Eğitici Online Mobil Platform oyunu Bilge Tunga ile de size yeteneklerini tanıtıyor.