Story of Bilge Tunga

Once upon a time there were only the animals in the world. These animals would never fight and used to live happily. If one had a problem, it would immediately consult Bilge Tunga. One day, something extraordinary happened..

Download Bilge Tunga and save the animals

While doing this, also improve your working memory and number sense. Bilge Tunga was designed to develop basic numeric skills, mathematical thinking skills, geometric thinking skills and operational fluency of the children aged 6-13. It has a structure that allows the children to learn on their own and also has an online platform where they can compete with their peers.

What makes us different

Bilge Tunga is an educational online game designed for primary school children. Players can play in English, Turkish, German, French and also Spanish There are 10 animal customizable characters and 1 Bilge Tunga. There 5 different themes and 50 levels Online playing with Competition Free to play


Join us and create games that are played for years and remembered forever.